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Post Notification (english)

All information should be on the official Post Notification Plugin Page.

For Questions & Support please see the Forum (guest posting supported).

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  1. I have been using subscribe 2 for a while and I have one problem with it and that it doesn’t notify subscribers about private posts, does your plugin send emails about private posts?


  2. At the moment it doesn’t do that. But I’m not quite sure where the sense is in writing a private post. I’m thinking of adding an option for this as it nicely solves the problem with the newsletter-function a lot of people are requesting.


  3. Ok. Alpha 6 has an option to send private Posts….


  4. Guten Tag!
    Is there a way to make it so that the excerpt is an option. That way you could send the whole post, none of the post or just the excerpt. That would be a @@excerpt thing but I do not know how to do the variables…..


    Gross Hund

    Big Dog

  5. @Big Dog: Yes it is. But not in this release. I’ll add it to my todo – shouldn’t be too much trouble. 🙂


  6. What about the notification of future posts?
    I mean: all the notification plugin I tried request the installation of wp-cron to send the notification when a post published to a future date became avaiable.

    How do Post-Notification manage this problem?




  7. @stefano: Sending Mails is always done asynchronios. So it from the point of view of my plugin it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a future post or not.
    I have a high performance function hooking to the shutdown hook. In case there are mails to be sent, all buffers are flashed (otherwise WP would block other requests) and the Mails are sent.


  8. Thank you for this plugin!

    I’m having a problem (with the 1.1b1 and WP 2.1.3)…

    I install post notification, activate it, and the „subscribe to posts“ shows up in the meta.

    When I click on „subscribe to posts“, the page reloads, no form or other item comes up (other than the page that reloads), and there is a warning message at the bottom:

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/admincwa/public_html/campaign/wp-content/plugins/post_notification/post_notification.php on line 250


  9. That’s a „bug“ that was introduced when I changed the way PN is embedded in WP. With b1 you have to create a PN-page (checkbox). I’ll fix that with next beta.
    About the fclose thing: Do you get any warnings on the info-page?


  10. Thank you for your prompt reply!

    I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what you mean by creating a PN-page (checkbox). Do you mean that I need to create a WP „page“ called PN? And what do you mean by creating a checkbox?

    (I apologize if I’m showing too much ignorance here…I’m new to WP, but not at all new to MySQL/PHP, etc.)

    What is the „info page“ you are asking about?

    The fclose warning occurs on ALL pages, whether I am logged in or not, whether I’m on the blog itself or in the admin panel. Any page that is part of the WP install shows that warning message at the bottom.


  11. My reply was a bit short:
    You have to go to the settings and check „Add Post Notification page“. That will create a page. Only using the Meta-Section isn’t possible at the moment. I’ll try to find a „nice“ way to do that. (This is the easy solution. The litte more complicated is to copy the wp-post_notification.php to your WP root dir and change „Link to the Post Notification page“ to that file.)

    This thing with the fclose sounds like PN not being able to create the lock-file. In the PN-Admin panel the fist page is called ‚info‘. It should show an error telling you, that PN isn’t able to write to _temp. If not, you might be running some strange configuration. Please use the Report Bug-link on the instructions-page for reporting (Mail makes finding bug more easy.).


  12. I think I may be onto something…

    I may have some permissions issues. I have reset the folder permissions for my blog folder (in themes) to 777, as well as the post-notification plugin folder. This eliminated the fclose warning, as well as the messages in „manage post notifications“ about the inability to create a couple of files.

    Is there a security worry about changing these folder permissions to 777?

    Also, when I go to „post notification settings“ and attempt to change the profile to „en_US“ it doesn’t „stick“ and everything is in German. I’m wondering if there is something else whose permissions need to change so that the settings for the profile are actually saved?


  13. Would you prefer to have this correspondance by email rather than by post to your blog? Is that what you were asking in your previous reply?


  14. Security: It’s only the _temp – folder. Security shouldn’t be an issue there. Anyway it only allows the Webserver to write in there. It you have a badly secured webserver this would mean, that someone else on your server might write into that dir.

    Stick to selection: Ist fixed in b2. Will be released tonight. (The selection works, though.)

    Email: I prefer Bugreports per Email. It’s quicker. And probably I going to clean up the comments somewhen. Nobody is intersted in a problem versions ago. 🙂


  15. OK, this is a bit difficult….at this point, even in German, when I attempt to suscribe by giving it an email address, and click „Absenden“, I get taken to a 404 error page. The path it was trying to go to was the entry in the „link to the post notification page“ (the one that says „don’t change this unless you know what you are doing“). Where should this link point to so that after one signs up one gets confirmation of this?


  16. 1) Wenn you select en_US each time you cahnge settings, everything should be fine. Or just delete the other folders on you server.
    2) That link should link to the page you created to subscribe. Or if you copied the wp_post-notification.php to that page.


  17. I have followed the instructions, and put my theme folder aswell as the plugin folder to 777.
    Still I get this 404 error. is that solvable?:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /prenumerera-pa-uppdateringar-2/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Tomas A

  18. sorry i posted in FAQ’s by mistake…here is my post :

    Hi there, can Post Notification READ the Users automatically or do i have to ‘import’ user emails, which defeats the purpose of an automated system…! Many thanks…!


  19. I’m not quite sure what you mean by „read“. PN has does not import users, which are regeitered in WP. It has it’s own interface for subscribing and unsubscribing.- You can still import a list or email addresses.


  20. Hi thanks for the prompt reply. I know about the import of emails at the moment, thats what i am using, what i am suggesting is this.
    If someone Registers at my Website they AUTOMATICALLY be added to the Mailing List.
    It’s basically one step more towards an automated process…what do you think now?


  21. I kept this separate, because IMO there is a difference between registered users and email recipients. The table for users is quite simple so it should be possible to add that. But I’m probably not going to implement that. If you need support implementing it your self please feel free to mail me.


  22. Ok, I installed the post notification and something disasterous happened… when I came back home after a day at the beach, I discovered that it sent the same post over 100 times!! What might the problem be?

    CJ Conner

  23. CJ’s problem seems to be a server problem (at least I hope so for me) – Don’t want to get a bad reputation. 😉


  24. I can’t actually get this to work. I run WP 2.2.1 and after installing PN I get this error. On another installation however – on another server – I get no problem. How do i solve this?

    Warning: post_notification_fe(/home/riksdag/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/post_notification//strings.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/riksdag/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/post_notification/frontend.php on line 42

    Fatal error: post_notification_fe(): Failed opening required ‚/wp/wp-content/plugins/post_notification//strings.php‘ (include_path=‘.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php‘) in /wp/wp-content/plugins/post_notification/frontend.php on line 42

    Tomas Ahlbeck

  25. @Thomas: Go to the settings, select a profile and save them. That should help.


  26. I don’t know if it’s alread know, but in some windows hosts sendind e-mail using From: „Name“ doesn’t works, it’s necessary to use From:

    This is my case and I changed line 241 of version 1.1.2 to change it directly.

    The plugin Comment Email Responder has an option on the menu to do this:

    Henrique Cintra

  27. Sorry, the commenting system „eated“ part of my post. I said initialy From: „Name“ <>

    Henrique Cintra

  28. This should be handled by the latest version of WP. Otherwise I’ll probably won’t implement an option, as I have to many of them already.


  29. I love this plugin!! It’s great!

    I have a suggestion: Can you add (or create another version) name & address fields?

    We have business that snail mails newsletters, and it would be great if we could email those newsletters (with this plugin) and not snail mail to the recipients who have registered…

    Saman Sadeghi

  30. Let me clarify:

    I think it would be a great addition to the Plugin if you could have the option (in the plugin’s admin page) to have the plugin collect names and addresses. Basically, adapt the plugin to become a contact signup not just an email signup!

    I say „[i]you could have the option[/i]“ for users who don’t want to collect names and address – then the plugin would function like it does now. For users who do want to collect that info, we could tick a checkbox in the admin page, and those fields would be added to the form and that info would be added to the database!

    Saman Sadeghi

  31. The URL’s being generated are invalid. It seems that the script is leaving out the and only creating a link like:


    In other words, the @@conf_url is incomplete. What do I need to change to fix this?


  32. It would be great to have the ability to choose how to send emails: via PHP mailer, SMTP or SENDMAIL.

    This is crucial issue since most of subscibers with gmail, hotmail, yahoo…account will not receive messages (better yet – messages will go directly into the spam folder) if someone is hosting his site even on dedicated shared server.


  33. @TheAngryPenguin: Please ask the question in the forum:
    @Goran: PN uses wp_mail, and therefore all these plugins work.